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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Upshire Primary Foundation School Staff


Chair of Governors: Mr S Fletcher
Headteacher: Mrs J Blackburn
Inclusion Manager/Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mrs N Ward
Senior Teacher: Mrs F Stevenson
Site Manager: Mr R Howard

Pre-school Team
Named person: Mrs L McPheat

Pre-school Leader: Mrs S Smith
Support Staff: Mrs S Groves, Miss M Slaytor, Mrs M Player, Miss S Berg,

Miss V Clark, Mrs P Walls, Miss K Walls, Miss S Botten, Miss J Parker and Mrs F Hasson

Early Years Team
Reception: Mrs G Askew
Support Staff: Miss R Rumianowski, Mrs L Stavri and Miss H Julian

Key Stage One Team
Year 1: Miss B Manning-Swallow

Support Staff: Mrs C Marchant, Miss M Martin, Mrs W Orpin and Mrs N Robinson
Year 2: Miss North

Support Staff: Miss L Ellis and Ms J Richardson

Key Stage Two Team
Year 3: Miss J Clarke
Support Staff: Miss M Martin and Mrs Walker
Year 4: Mrs L Walton (Mrs J Blackburn and Mrs N Ward)
Support Staff: Miss E Pearson
Year 5: Miss S Breen
Support Staff: Miss L Bullen, Mrs J Kerswell and Mrs J Smith

Year 6: Mrs F Stevenson

Support Staff: Ms Mallard


Office Team
Administration Assistant: Ms S Messer
Finance and Personnel Manager: Mrs J Hockley
Business and Finance Apprentice: Miss S Gordon

Lunchtime Team
Mrs D Lambert, Miss L Bullen, Mrs M Fletcher, Mrs L Knight, Mrs J Kerswell, Ms S Messer, Mrs L Walker, Miss S Baker, Mrs N Robinson, Mrs W Orpin and Miss L Ellis

Cleaning Team
Ms J Richardson, Mrs S Pugh and Miss S Baker


Extended Services & Clerk to the Governors
Mrs L McPheat

Breakfast Club Team

Miss S Berg and Mrs P Walls


After School Club Team
Mrs L Stavri and Mrs M Player

Ms S Messer and Mrs N Robinson