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Upshire Primary Foundation School Inspire*Excite*Achieve

Annual Easter Competition

Florence Year 2P

Florence Year 2P 1

Jake Year 2N

Jake Year 2N  1
Jake Year 2N  2
Jake Year 2N  3
Jake Year 2N  4

Grace Year 2P

Grace Year 2P  1

Jessica Year 2P

Jessica Year 2P 1

Erica Year 1

Erica Year 1  1
Erica Year 1  2

Oliwia Year 4

Oliwia Year 4  1
Oliwia Year 4  2

Amelie Year 1

Amelie Year 1  1
Amelie Year 1  2
Amelie Year 1  3

Henley Year 3

Henley Year 3 1

Hallie-Rae Year 2N

Hallie-Rae Year 2N  1
Hallie-Rae Year 2N  2

Ellie Year 2P

Ellie Year 2P 1
Ellie Year 2P 2

Wow the entries so far are eggstraordinary! wink

Mrs B

Harris Year 5

Harris Year 5 1

You have eggcelled this year Isabella! laugh

Mrs B

Isabella Year 6

Isabella Year 6  1

Amaya Year 3

Amaya Year 3 1

Oscar Year 3

Oscar Year 3 1

Eggcellent entries - well done all! smiley

Mrs B

Jack Year 3

Jack Year 3 1

Amy Year 3

Amy Year 3 1

I'm eggstatic about this one George - what an eggceptional message!  Happy Easter to all of you too! yes

Mrs B

George Year 3

George Year 3  1
George Year 3  2

Sienna Year 3

Sienna Year 3 1

Wow, Upshire you have the eggs-factor! wink

Mrs B

Marnie Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Year 3 have been designing Easter eggs on Purple Mash.

Year 3 have been designing Easter eggs on Purple Mash.  1

Georgia Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Georgia Bumblebee Class (Reception) 1

Arienne Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Raphael Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Amy Bumblebee Class (Reception)

That's eggsactly the fun we all need Fleur! yes

Mrs B

Fleur Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Simon Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Zachary Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Mia Year 2P

Lavin Year 2N

Lavin Year 2N  1

Ummm are they real bunny ears I see? How eggcentricsurprise

Mrs B

Abigail Year 2N

Dominik Year 5

Dominik Year 5 1

Laura Year 2N

Laura Year 2N 1