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Upshire Primary Foundation School Inspire*Excite*Achieve

Annual Easter Competition

Florence Year 2P

Jake Year 2N

Grace Year 2P

Jessica Year 2P

Erica Year 1

Oliwia Year 4

Amelie Year 1

Henley Year 3

Hallie-Rae Year 2N

Ellie Year 2P

Wow the entries so far are eggstraordinary! wink

Mrs B

Harris Year 5

You have eggcelled this year Isabella! laugh

Mrs B

Isabella Year 6

Amaya Year 3

Oscar Year 3

Eggcellent entries - well done all! smiley

Mrs B

Jack Year 3

Amy Year 3

I'm eggstatic about this one George - what an eggceptional message!  Happy Easter to all of you too! yes

Mrs B

George Year 3

Sienna Year 3

Wow, Upshire you have the eggs-factor! wink

Mrs B

Marnie Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Year 3 have been designing Easter eggs on Purple Mash.

Georgia Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Arienne Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Raphael Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Amy Bumblebee Class (Reception)

That's eggsactly the fun we all need Fleur! yes

Mrs B

Fleur Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Simon Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Zachary Bumblebee Class (Reception)

Mia Year 2P

Lavin Year 2N

Ummm are they real bunny ears I see? How eggcentricsurprise

Mrs B

Abigail Year 2N

Dominik Year 5

Laura Year 2N