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How to help your child with vocabulary

Vocabulary can be very tricky for children to learn and remember.

Here at Upshire we use 'Word of the day' or 'Word of the week' to help build up children's vocabulary.

There are different ways to help your child to learn and remember new vocabulary, here are a few:

  • help your child find out what the word means; 
  • explore other word choices that have the same meaning as the word (synonyms);
  • look for words that have the opposite meaning (antonyms);
  • put the word into a sentence verbally or on a white board or paper;
  • draw the word in context;
  • use physical actions or drama to help your child remember the word and understand how it can be used.

How would you use these words?

Have a look at our 'Word of the day' and 'Word of the Week' work to help give you some ideas of how we build up our understanding of vocabulary.